Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday's

Hey there!!  I'm back from the hiatus I didn't mean to take.  
Last week my husband went out of town and left me to the wolves with the kids...for 6 days.
That's, plus them, for 6 days.  Outnumbered much?
I have to say we did all right.  I didn't loose anyone or forget them anywhere, no duct tape was used, everyone ate something sweet 3 times a day and the house was still standing when Todd returned.
Nailed it!!
As far as ironman training I would have to say I'm nailing that too!!  Things are just clicking right along. 
I was a little sluggish to start on the bike but that seems to be turning around.  I'm starting to find those bike legs and my tri-bike and I are feeling like old friends again.
I'm still struggling a bit in the water but that will come.  I've been focusing more on the run because of RAGNAR so when that is over I will be able to spend a little more time on my swim. 
Speaking of Ragnar.  I fly out tomorrow morning bright and early!!  I'm so stoked to meet my team, run some major miles for some incredible little girls, see the beach, eat, run, eat, run, and have a ton of fun.  I'll be all over social media so you can follow all my late night delirium fun on TwitterFacebook , and Instagram.  
Speaking of eating.  I know some bloggers do a What I Ate Wednesday and they show all the amazing, healthy food they ate for a day.  
I think that sounds like a good idea.
So today is what I over the span of a week or so.......and it's not healthy.  <----I was never good a following the rules.
First stop Chestnuts .  This place is so cute.  Loved the decor, the staff, the ambiance.  It's the kinda place you want to hang out, enjoy a coffee or a drink and some lunch with friends.  
Todd ordered the Banh Mi with the 5 spice chicken.
I ordered the lobster roll.  Both came with sweet potato chips made fresh in house.  Both our sandwiches where good.  Not knock my socks off good but definitely tasty.  Be prepared for some spice though both of our sandwiches had a nice kick to them, which I loved.  Although it did overwhelm my lobster a bit. 
I think I need to check this place out for breakfast.  I saw some amazing pancakes heading out to another table and their bloody mary's looked like they could take the edge of a Sunday morning.  Stay tuned. 
Next stop Super Chunk.  I heard this place had bacon carmel corn so I had to check it out.  
Come on you know that sounds kinda good.  Sweet, salty, smokey.  All the good stuff.
Unfortunately for me they didn't have any Bacon carmel corn when I was there.  :-(
They had duck fat toffee.  Um, no thanks.   Or maybe?  I wish I would have asked for a sample.
They had lots of interesting flavor combinations and when I get a little braver I'm heading back for the mesquite chocolate chip cookie and the cayenne spiced cocoa cookie topped with candied jalapeƱos.  Eeeek.  I wanted to try it but....but... ok I'm cheap, I don't want to spend $2.75 on a cookie I could hate.
So I snagged a bag of chocolate, hazelnut, pretzel caramel corn.  It was delicious.  They are slowly building my trust.  If the bacon caramel corn is good, I'll try the toffee and cookies.
And last but definitely not least.  The Waffle Crush truck!!!
 You guys, this was one of the best waffles I've ever had.
The outside has a slightly caramelized crust and the inside is a soft, tender, chewy, carby goodness.  
Opps I forgot the before pic.  I get excited sometimes.
I split the Mellow waffle with Todd, then quickly regretted that I didn't have my own.
The Mellow is a chocolate filled waffle, topped w Biscoff, toasted mini marshmallows & cream. <---real homemade whip cream, straight to my heart true love.
It's so blasted good, I have a crush for sure!
Aaaaaand a sudden need for another waffle.
I don't want to brag or anything but I think I hit What I Ate Wednesday's out of the park!!  ;-)

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  1. Mmmmm waffles!!! Sounds delicious!! I've been wanting to try Chestnuts!
    Have a great Ragnar!!


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