Friday, March 21, 2014

TrailRunner made me do it

High five it's friday!!   
Thursday kinda deserves a high five to cause, trail running. Nuff said.
I've still been hitting the trail once a week despite what my Ironman training plan says.
Ya gotta break the rules once in awhile, it's fun ;-)
I'm not really a rule breaker but this magazine made me do it.
I freaking love TrailRunner magazine. 
Except it makes me really, really want to run really, really hard stuff.... and live in a tent in the mountains.  Which according to my husband isn't conducive with having four school age children.  Unless I want to homeschool.
Now we've all seen the stellar grammar/writing skills I subject you to on a weekly basis and I'm sure we can all agree I'm barely qualified to even help with homework so I think I better stay put.<---case in point, run on sentence anyone, not even gonna fix it.
But man, oh man I love reading about all these amazing races.
"After other races, it's like going from Bud Light to heroin."<--freak ya, sign me up!  
*my husband is currently canceling my subscription ;-)
In other news.... it is was spring break.  That's right, I survived spring break.  Not only survived, but lived to write about it.
I've found the key to a good spring break is staying outside as much as possible and drinking heavily.
 Little man and I discussing where to pitch the tent should we move to a mountain top.  
I still might give it a be damned ;-)
Selfies with a giraffe.  Or is that a giraffe photo bomb?
Stingrays in the desert?  And to think I was worried about messing up their education.
Ok, there maybe two keys to a good spring break.
1-stay outside
2-ice cream x 1000 <---math
This wasn't the only ice cream stop this week but I think it was the best.
Slickables  is a small little shop with cookies and ice cream.  Nothing more, nothing less.  
Honestly, I'm not sure what else one could need.
Napkins.  You need napkins.  Don't fret they had those too.
Grab extra on a hot day cause these are kinda messy but oh so good.  
You pick the cookie and the ice cream and they sandwich it for ya.  All that's left to do is enjoy and keep the little guy on your left from stealing a bite.  
He opted for a cone, rookie mistake.  
Missy tip #2,234- If it's an Ice Cream Sandwich shop, get the ice cream sandwich. <----that holds true for most places.  Never order a burger at a taco shop, etc.  
So much wisdom.
I really should move to the mountains and homeschool my children.
On second thought maybe we should say in town where we can get professional help. 


  1. Ice Cream X 1000 = Brain Freeze <------ Science!


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