Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Running for those who can't

Ironman Boulder is just over 19 weeks away.  That seems so close yet so far away.
Today was my first brick(bike/run) the last time I trained for Ironman.  I thought I would be a little rusty but all is well people, I still know how to do it ;-)
I had a good ride followed by a solid run.  I'm slowly getting back into this tri business.  
But I got one more thing to do before I dive full force into Ironman training.
That's right, I'm doing Ragnar.......again.
Can't. Stop. Running. 
Or sleeping in vans.  
Or wearing reflective vests.
This time though I'm running Ragnar for those who can't.  Namely 195 little girls who can no longer run due to Rett Syndrome, a debilitating neurological (movement) disorder that predominantly affects females.
I've teamed up with 5 incredible ladies, that's right, we are tackling Ragar So Cal with only half a team!  We are going Ultra baby!!  
I'm stoked to be apart of Team Sparkle and I am hopeful that we can help raise funds and bring awareness to Rett Syndrome and Girl Power 2 Cure.  
We are hoping to raise some crazy money because we are some crazy girls with crazy goals and we aren't afraid to shoot for the stars.
We set a fundraising goal of $5,000 and I'm pretty sure we can get there.
I'll sell a kid if I have too.  ;-)  
Just kidding.  Kinda.  You can have the little one if you want, he's a bugga.  
Good thing he's cute cause he's heavy.  
He allll most became lizard bait yesterday but there's no man left behind on my watch.  At least not ones with dimples.
Like I was saying I will sell a kid know we can reach our goal but I might need a little help.  
From my friends. 
This is the awkward moment where I ask you for money.  
It's so awkward but we will get through this.  Just give me your money and we can move on.  ;-)
If you have a dollar to spare I would appreciate your donation, if you don't I'll still run for high fives and "atta girls"!
Either way thanks for your support!
Donate here (if ya want)----->Team Sparkle 


  1. Dabnabit. I got no dimples. You guys just go on...

  2. An ultra Ragnar would be crazy fun and with Team Sparkle too! Good luck fundraising I will check out the page.


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