Saturday, March 8, 2014

Off to the races

This is going down tomorrow.  I raced this last year and loved it so I had to do it again.  Had to. 
It gets a little tricky throwing a race into Ironman training but where there's a will, there is a way.
This year we put together a team so hopefully we can win our weight in beer!  
If we don't win it with our speed, then we still got a chance to win the beer in the drawing.
If we are chosen in the drawing or because we killed it out there, one of our runners will sit on a teeter totter and they will stack cases of beer on the other end until it is even.  All that beer will be ours to take home!
I kinda wish my friends weren't runners, perhaps they would weigh a little bit more :-)
Whether we win some beer or not I'm looking forward to running tomorrow with all my running buddies on one of my favorite courses in the valley.
Packet pick up was at a running store.  I'm sure there is a way to get out of a running store without buying something but I haven't figured out how it's done.
Well played Sole Sports, well played. 


  1. My buddy Alvina Begay usually races this every year and wins the free beer, but she has been injured, so take advantage! Good luck!

  2. I'm quite certain that there is no possible way to get out of a running packet pick-up at a store without saying "here, take my money." Good luck!

  3. I can never get out of the store with out buying at least one thing either. Like a kid in a candy store, they know they have you!

  4. You said "beer" - I am on my way.


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