Monday, March 10, 2014

Mountain to Fountain 15K

Mountain to Fountain 15K- 1:16:12(new pr)
This race is still one of my favorites and I'm not just saying that because I got a pr.  
Or because the porta-potty lines are just long enough to take a group selfie but not so long you can make it a good group selfie.  
Photo stolen from Kristin, thanks :-)
It could be because so many awesome peeps come out to run this race.
Maybe location has something to do with my love for Mountain to Fountain.  I mean I really do love the course, even with its hills its still an amazing place to run.
It could be that chilling on the green grass post race while drinking a cold beer has won me over.
Maybe it's the fountain.  Spectacular!  Really the fact that there is even water in the desert is a miracle<---think about that for a minute.  Mind blowing.
It's could be that our team walked away with a few cases of beers.  
Uh.....could be?  Oh who are we kidding?  That's it.  It's beer.  The way to a runners heart. :-)
 So we might not have been the fastest team but we were pretty lucky and won our weight in beer (kinda, more on that later) via the name out of a hat draw.  Boom!  And just like that team "Beer Drinkers with a Running Problem"  scores a few cases of beer!  Now we can keep up with the beer drinking for sure and hopefully the running so we can come back next year.
Hopefully we get to be weighed before this team cleans them out next year.  These guys walked away with 17 cases of beer! 
I like their strategy.  Thumbs up guys, well played.
I need bigger friends.  :-)
The race wasn't really expecting to dole out so much beer so when our name was drawn we got what was left.  Not really our weight but not really complaining either.  That is exactly 8 cases more beer than we started the race with.
Whether I walk away from this race with extra beer, a new pr or nothing I think I will always love it.  It's a great race, with great people, in a very beautiful place.  What's not to love?
Ok, maybe there was something?  Haha
My friend Julie snapped this of me coming into the finish.  So serious.
I had a great steady race and felt happy and strong the whole way so I'm not sure why I look so serious.  
I was probably doing math in my head.  That looks like math face to me.
20 steps to the finish line+2 minutes to catch my breath+ a walk to find the beer= how long until I am sitting on the grass with my friends.
Math is hard people.


  1. Sounds like a great race, fun running with friends and lots of beer!

  2. Running - Check
    Beer - Check
    Dessert - ???

    This may be the first race report I have ever read of yours that did not reference and/or have a picture of post race dessert.

    Oh, you mean the beer was your post-race dessert? Well played!


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