Sunday, January 12, 2014

I had bloggers block

Hey there!!  It's been awhile.  
It seems I've been at a loss for words lately.
No really.  I've sat down multiple times to write a blog post only to sit and stare at a blank screen.  
I have stuff to say, a lot of stuff actually but I just can't get it out.  Like in real sentences and stuff.
Can you have writers block when you blog?  Bloggers Block?
Maybe that's it, I have a bad case of bloggers block. 
Or possibly I just didn't know where to begin after being away so long.  A lot's happened in the time I was gone.
Welp, just like a training plan won't run its self, a blog won't write itself either.
You gotta jump in and start.
Let's start with my running, shall we? Some major epicness happened over Christmas break.  Like major.  
I mean if it hadn't been Christmas break, I would have dedicated 3,256 words, twice as many exclamation points and probably an entire week of posts to my love of all things running.
I know these aren't Saucony's.  Gasp!
I'll dedicate a post to that later.  
For starters, Santa brought me some trail running shoes for Christmas!  He gets me.
And this seemed as good a place as any to try them out.  I've never run this part of the McDowell Mountains before.  It is stunning.  
Danelle making it to the top!
It was 11 miles of leg searing awesomeness.
The harder the climb, the greater the reward.......I mumbled some crap like that to myself as I was walked/cursed my way to the top. ;-)
This was such a rewarding and punishing run.  I loved every freaking minute!  It was the gift that kept on giving too.  I was sore for like 2 days after.  Haha I cursed every time I had to move ;-)
In other news:  My new trail shoes are going in my will.  It's true love.
Then this happened.  My last long run before the marathon.  
Which is a week away!!  
This 23 miler was a major confidence booster.  I am so stoked to race next Sunday.

And last but not least, I hit two major running milestones over the break.  My first 50 mile week and my highest monthly milage ever.  213 miles!  *insert happy dance......
aaand another trail running pic.  It seemed fitting to ring in the new year with my new love.
 You complete me. :-)


  1. I hear mountain lions are attracted to pink! :-)

  2. pretty new shoes! I want to come run there with you sometime that looks like a beautiful place to run. I get bloggers block sometimes too, so frustrating, I will have all these ideas and then I sit down and .... nothing.

    Glad you got past it, but you forgot something. . you always have sugary pictures too ;)

    1. ps Congrats on a 50 mile week that is awesome!
      also *I'm jealous


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