Tuesday, December 10, 2013

You take the good, you take the bad, then please take the Santa

My blog posts are so sporadic that I feel like I would take up a whole page just catching up with my workouts.  
So for now I won't be posting my workouts here.
Unless they are amazeballs.
Like Sunday's long run.  It was 18 miles of running bliss.
My pace was good and I felt great the whole run.  Fantasticness all around!
It was so good I had to celebrate with a Blue Moon and a cheeseburger the size of my head.
Will run for Cheeseburgers! <--- no truer words 
I ordered the Smokey the Burger (Mesquite Wood Smoked Burger, Grilled Onions, Apple Slaw, Smoked Colby Cheese Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Mustard) from the The Lodge
Yeah, I'd run another 18 for that.  Good stuff.
Hanging out on a Sunday afternoon with good friends, football and a game of corn hole or two kinda makes you feel like you are winning at life.  Throw in a great run and a good burger and you've hit the freaking jackpot!
Just to keep it real I'll post the crappy workouts too.  They can't all be rainbows and unicorns ya know?
Case in point…..today's run was very short on unicorns and absolutly no rainbows came to the party. 
That's just mean.  
I struggled through 10 miles of "I don't freaking want to run, where the hell is all this wind coming from, it's stupid, this is stupid and running is evil!"  
I quite possibly woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning but I dare ya to tell me that to my face!  
Yeah, some days you're just a little off.
He's BAAAAACK!!!  Remember this jolly little nemesis from Last Year?  I swear I gave him to Good Will.
Either someone rescued him or I had a lapse in judgment.  Probably the latter since that's how I ended up with the annoying little devil in the first place.
Everywhere I go in the house I hear that fat little man singing about "coming to town," Lord help me.
No really!  Lord, HELP ME!!
I can't even write about this cause I have no clue what say.
I've failed somewhere…….I can't even…….I so shouldn't be in charge of raising the future of this country.  I apologize.
Here have this.  Nothing say's I'm sorry for my crazy kids like a fat jolly Santa.  I want you to have him.  Pleeeeease.  

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  1. Ugh, nasty feet on the counter and Santa must go!

    Yeah, he's going out to a special farm, just for Santas. Yeah, that's it...


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