Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa brought me a PR for Christmas!!

So it's Christmas time!
This basically sums up how things have been going for me.  
I'm charging my snickers and eating my Garmin.  Next I'll be baking the presents and wrapping the 4yr old.
Things are CrAzY round here!  
Every Christmas is busy but somehow this year I got behind and never caught back up. 
Surprisingly all the stuff is somehow getting done.  
 There's been baking.
 And eating.
 Packing for picnics, 
 and parades.
Kisses for the baby,
 and running,
and running, 
and PRing!!! BOOM!
That's right Missy got a PR for Christmas!  
Why isn't there a Christmas song about that?  
"All I want for Christmas is a new PR."  <---that's got a nice ring to it.  Someone has got to write that.
I signed up last minute, as in the morning of the race, to do the Fiesta Bowl half marathon with these lovely ladies.
My runs have been feeling strong lately and I was kinda itching to race a half so when Dana mentioned this race I decided to go for it.

Best decision ever.  It was a great, well organized event with a nice course on a beautiful day and I had a great race!
I felt awesome the whole race.......ok, I got a major side stitch right close to the finish but other than that it was amazing!!
I couldn't have asked for a better race.  
Check out these splits!!
Mile 1- 8:18
2- 8:17
3- 8:17
4- 8:17
5- 8:22 
6- 8:15
7- 8:13
8- 8:16
9- 8:07
10- 8:03
11- 8:01
12- 7:51
13- 7:53
14- 7:32 
Those are beautiful, right?  
Half marathon time 1:47:06, that's almost 5min PR!
I owe a huge thanks to this cool chick who kept a great pace right along side of me and made the miles fly by.  
We hit mile 9 and I was surprised!  "Hey, we are already at mile 9?" 
Friends make the miles go by so fast!  Love it!
This was a major confidence boost going into the last few weeks of marathon training; I can't wait to race the full!
I can't believe it's only a few weeks away and I am still fully in love with running!!
I'm so, so hoping that running pops the question on Christmas day cause I want to marry it.
Ok Christmas proposals are kinda cheesy but so this blog so it's cool ;-)
Well, the stocking are hung on the railing with care in hopes that Santa soon will be there.... so I gotta go!!  We need cookies for Santa!!! 
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Santa brings you running shoes and PR's!!
Merry Christmas!!


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