Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our weather rocks but we still get cheated…a little

I think I've said this a 1,000 times but I'm going to say it again.  The best way to get out the door early, is knowing someone is counting on you.  I can't let these girls down and I love their company so as cold<--relatively speaking and dark as it maybe, I'll drag myself out there.
Even if I don't really feel like it.
It's worth it every time.
I always think it's a little sad that even though we have great summer like weather all winter, we don't get the long summer days.
We get cheated a little.  Don't roll your eyes at me!  Hear me out.  
One of the great things about summer in other states is enjoying those beautiful looooong summer days.  
Our winters are definitely beautiful but we don't get to enjoy the beauty first thing in the morning and waaaaay into the evening.  
So for an early morning runner like me, I get the nice running temps but not a lot to look at……cause it's dark and stuff.
I do get to see a few sunrises if I time it right though.  Totally makes the dark run worth it.
But when I get lucky and get to head out into the daylight hours, I soak it all up……cause the sun sets at 5:20pm!!  

Come on!  Just a few more hours of this, pleeeeeease.
5:20 feels like a curfew you get when you are really, really grounded.  
I want to stay out an play! Allllllll the day! 
And I won't forget my water next time.  It's like the desert is hot and dry or something.  Rookie.  Actually I deserve to be grounded for that.
Todays trail run was short and sweet but you should never head out into the desert without water.  Smarts.

Look the trail signs are getting into the Holiday spirit!  Love that.

Some of us choose to run in the sun, others choose to nap.
Santa goes everywhere.  It's so freaking annoying adorable.

I went to pick out a Christmas tree and was inspired to grow herbs instead.  For chocolate mint I might really give it ago…if only our days were a little bit longer. ;-)


  1. I know I am so ready for longer days! and warmer weather I think we are supposed to get another arctic freeze by next weekend. not happy about that.

  2. So true! It also seems like it gets dark here SO early in the winter. Of course that happens everywhere, but here it seems even earlier.

  3. You are grounded until the temps hit 90. Rookie!


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