Thursday, December 5, 2013

I love running but it should be illegal

Tuesday-8.1 mile run(1:07)
Wednesday-10.2 mile run(1:28), Plank/push-up
Thursday-6.6mile run(57:24), plank/side dips

Just incase you were wondering…….
For reals!  Like I'm addicted.  I've always liked running and I've done lots and lots of it over the years but something magical has happened.  I've fallen in love.  Like swooning, giddy, goggly eyed, Missy+Running=Love, type love. 
It seems the more I run, the more I love it.  I'm not sure why all of a sudden I'm so smitten but it sure feels good.  
I hope this isn't just a phase.  I hope it's an Oh My Goodness I'll Love You Forever and Ever…..or until tri season starts.  ;-)
I am pretty sure Peanut Butter Granola will be on the I Love You Forever list.  This stuff is yummo!  
Raspberry Yogurt with Peanut butter granola is better than sliced bread.  
I hear it's good on Strawberry Ice Cream.  I mean I would never ruin a good healthy granola that way but you….ok, I did it.  It was amazing.  Go forth and eat your granola with ice cream, no judgements here.
This shirt so fits my daughters personality.  Cracks me up every time.
Someone doesn't fully understand that Santa is watching, like a boss.  
Seriously he's 4, what the heck?
I've seen my future and it's scary.
Kinda like this pic.  What am I doing?
I don't even remember taking this picture or who took it.
Is that what a runners high is?
Cause that stuff should be illegal.


  1. Let's hope it not just the weather making your runs better. See how you feel in July when the low is 90 and you have to get that run in...

  2. FUn post I heart running so much too. It really is one of the best things in the world. That is a pretty great picture of you at the end.

  3. Do they make that shirt in adult sizes? I need it!!!


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