Sunday, March 25, 2012

Training my sweet tooth

Workout- I use to workout, right?  It has been so long I don't really remember.  
Tomorrow I'm hittin the pool.  Let's pray I don't drown.

I am still training to become the most sugar coated athlete in the USA.  
I have to say my training is going very well.  I feel like all my hard work is adding inches to my thighs paying off.
Here are a few of my latest efforts.
Au Petit Four  I love having choices but it was very difficult to choose.  
I had the Black Forest(top shelf, 3rd one in) and the Royal(second one in from the right, bottom shelf).
They both were good.  My favorite was the Royal, dark chocolate mouse on crispy hazelnuts.  Rich chocolate flavor with a crust of hazelnuts on a wafer of some kind.  I loved the crunchy texture.  
Today we had planned to play some Frisbee Golf but the wind was too strong.  It was like throwing a boomerang.  The frisbee would just come right back at ya.
So we went for some Paletas.  They are basically a Popsicle.  Not a sugar laden, fake colored treat we are used to but a fresh, real, preservative free treat.
She makes everything is small batches with fresh local ingredients so her selection changes daily.  Love that.

These were AMAZING!  We got the strawberries and cream, the bananas foster with caramel, the Mexican hot chocolate, the pineapple and the key lime.
I tried to get a good picture of the chunks of fruit in the paletas but no luck.  You can see a little piece of a pineapple eye stuck in there.  That's fresh baby.
You can see the strawberries though.  You just got to be fast cause that girl is an eater.  She'll swipe a bite of yours too if you aren't looking.
The Mexican hot chocolate is chocolaty and spiced just right. You can tell she grinds her own spices and uses the tasty Mexican cinnamon called Canela.  It has a more distinct flavor and pairs wonderfully with the chocolate.
It's the only way to have a hot chocolate in the desert.
The key lime was just perfect, despite the bad photo.  Sweet, tart, and creamy with a thin layer of graham cracker crust.  It was extraordinary. My mouth is watering as I type this.
I would say it was my favorite
 and definitely my husbands.  He had a hard time sharing and he doesn't have a sweet tooth.
I love this place and I'm so glad I heard about it.  If you are ever in Chandler or Tempe Az, you gotta swing into Paletas Betty and check it out.
Please bring me a key lime, and a hot chocolate and I want to try the watermelon, and...... I'll take whatever you'l bring me.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Ok those pops look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! What a great weekend.. :)

  2. OOOh so glad you found this place. I can't wait to take the kids. When I was growing up they were sold in carts pushed by carts. We would yell, 'The Paleta Man!" Good Times! Funny how that doesn't happen in this part of town ;) Watermelon (or sandia as we called it) is my favorite!


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