Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ice Cream for Breakfast? Yes, please!

Workout- Sooooo, still resting the knee.  I think it is getting better.  My mental state on the other hand is not.  I miss sweating.  It makes me a happy, energetic person.  I will continue to be patient, I will continue to be patient, I WILL continue to be patient!  Four days until the race, lets pray this pays off or otherwise I will need lots of chocolate.  And possibly a straight jacket

My blog has been a bit sporadic lately but I have a good excuse.

I LOVE spring break.  
The weather is always fabulous and we have a whole week to get out and celebrate it before it gets hot and miserable.
I try to plan lots of fun activities and outdoor time.  This year I had to scrap a few of the hikes I had planned to rest my knee.  There is still fun to be had out there in the form of ice cream.
I'm not sure how much blogging I will get in this week but I will try to fill ya in on all the fun.
Here is what we have been up to so far.
Picnics in the park.  
Wildflower's chopped salad is sooo good. I crave it.
Watching little imaginations grow, might be one of my favorite past times.  He was giddy, like when I see cupcakes, giddy.
We have to get dirty and wet if the day is gonna be a success. 
When you live in AZ you live for Spring Training games.  We start them young.  I don't know to many 2yr olds that can make it through a whole game but he can.  He loves it.
Ponytail? Check.  Pink shirt?  Check.  Pink glove? Check!  Ready for the ball?  Um, pass the cotton candy please.
Thank you.  I trust a bucket with the words Tubby's cotton candy on it.
Spring training games are tough but the more you do it the better ya get.  If you take kids, four to be exact, sitting in the outfield grass is the ticket.
The kiddies can rest.
They can roll down the grassy hill.
And the parents can watch their Blue Moon the game.  I love baseball but I really love the relaxing chill vibe of a Spring Training game.  It is just a good time.
As long as you remember to use sun screen.  
Free SPF 30!  
If only cotton candy was free, now that would be the bomb diggity.
The proximity of Sweet Republic to the baseball fields is all too convenient.  This place is Aaaamazing!  Go there soon.  Tell them the girl who licked the glass says Hi.
Tyler and Cambrie got the Campfire S'more sundae.  Yeah, that's a toasted homemade marshmallow on top.  Everything they make is homemade.  This made some big smiles.
I tried the Salted Butter Caramel (tears weld up in my eyes and I proposed, no joke, Bradon got a cup of this, thas my boy), Real Mint, the Lavender (tasted like flowers, good, but only for one bite), the Honey Blue cheese (very interesting, and only one bite was enough for me), and the Guinness chocolate.  They were all very good.  But.....
When I walked in the door and I saw this.  I knew I had to have it.  The Toffee Banofi was featured on Food Network's "The Best Thing I Ever I Ate".  I guess this is Alton Browns best thing.  Annnnd now, it's mine.  Seriously good.  Their salted caramel sauce is everything it needs to be and more.
The homemade toffee buttercrunch is just showing off.  
I hope when I go back tomorrow for breakfast they will show off some more for me.
Or scoop me a bowl of Maple Bacon ice cream.


  1. "the girl who licked the glass says hi"
    Freaking loved that.
    Looooooved meeting you!!
    You are awesome.
    Ironman You are incredible. Bring on November.
    Rock it this weekend!!

  2. Ummmm this looks like the greatest spring break ever! I want one of those waffle cone bowls ASAP! and maple bacon icecream - I just told Colin and he said I have to go to the states and get it :P lol


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