Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Green light! Go!

Workout-Not today Tomorrow I hit the pool and back to the weights.  Ouch, that's gonna hurt.
Who's dying to know my MRI results?  Anyone?  
Ok mom, you can put your hand down.  I'm gonna tell ya.
It was clear!!! My knee is in great shape!  I got the green light to do whatever. 
Now the hard question.
Which one of these babies am I gonna ride first?  ***Butterflies in my stomach***
I've missed riding.
I do still have some tightness on the outside of my knee still, so I will be taking it easy.  I did just do a marathon 9days ago.  Recovery is my friend.
I also have a date with a Physical Therapist to stretch and strengthen that leg and make sure it is ready to go.  I want to go into Ironman training at a 100%, so this is just a precaution.  I love my Doctor.  He knows what my goals are so he is being very proactive in getting me there.  Normally it is a wait and see how you feel.  Since my knee is good to go he wants to make sure we get off on the right foot.  Love that.

I'm so glad my knee is healthy and my bike is ready to ride cause my car is in the shop.
Hope they work for cookies.

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