Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm to smart to give up sweets

Workout- 9mile run(1hr, 22min)  1hr weight training
My run was nice.  Steph had a hard run late last night so this morning her legs needed a little TLC.   We just kept an easy conversational pace and chit chatted through the run. Love girl talk. 
I gave the run a double thumbs up.  
It has been gloriously beautiful this winter.  Our morning temps couldn't be any more perfect for running.
See that?  57 degrees at 5:20am!!  I don't now what is going on with this crazy weather but I like it.  ( please don't rub this in my face come August when it is the hottest summer on record)
Seriously.  This is insane.  We are starting to do open water swims... in FEBRUARY!  At this rate the lake will feel like a hot tub by May.  
Pray for us.  Unless you are insanely jealous right now and in that case I will pray for you.  :-)

I almost gave up cupcakes today.  And chocolate, and burgers, and....well, all the usual heavy weights.  Why?
No, not because Ryan Hall is on every TV at Costco and probably weighs the same as me.  I just think it's cool.   Go Ryan!!  Though he does look like he could use a cheeseburger.   
Eh, that's just jealousy talking.
Nope, it is this little move right here that made me rethink sweets and burgers.
She makes it look easy.  It was at that moment right there I realized if I gave up cupcakes I would weigh less and therefore have less to lift.  
Then I remembered my giant brain and how heavy it must make my head.  
Phew, all my vices where saved.
Thank Goodness because it is adult dessert night!!!  It was hard to lift that coke float after tonight's workout but I managed.  
She is the one that made me almost give up sweets and left me with the noodle arms.  I didn't share my float.  
If you ever see this tiny pile of muscle and her board of torture, run, run far and fast.  
Come to my house and I will make you a whiskey float.  You have to scoop the ice cream though, I can't lift my arms.

*disclaimer: I'm grateful for the butt kicking I receive from that tiny firecracker.  She keeps my butt and gut in check! I'm scared she will read my blog and make me do 100 push up for fun 


  1. I dont think I could ever give up cupcakes! Great job on your workout!

  2. HAHA! Thanks for sharing, Missy! It was a fun night of training... (Yes, I said "FUN!") You guys work incredibly hard. A+ on Effort AND More Importantly...Dessert!
    Love the looks of the "adult dessert!" See you next week for more action and therefore....More Dessert! D)

  3. your balanced approach to life! Insanely jealous of your weather...but will pray for your OWS training anyhow. Love from "20-degrees all damn day til April" Nebraska.

  4. Open water in February. I would need an ice pick! I would take 57 degrees at any time of day right now!!

  5. I think 100 burpees would be more fitting for the crime. Did I read you were paying blog readers? (Ref: Thewannabeathlete's blog comments) Tee-hee :)


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